Two-book deal for Unteachable & my new NA romance.

PM book deal announcement

In case that’s hard to read:

Leah Raeder’s UNTEACHABLE, a gritty romance about a fiery eighteen year-old high school student’s passionate relationship with the one man who is supremely off limits, to Sarah Cantin at Atria, in a two book deal, by Jane Dystel at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.

There it is. All shiny and true. Atria bought Unteachable and my untitled NA romance WIP.

Things I know:

  • Unteachable will be republished under the Atria imprint in the very near future.
  • There will be a cover change. GOODBYE, RAINBOWGIRLFACE.
  • NACR2 should follow later this year.

That’s it. More news to come as soon as I get it!

Major gooey thank-yous to my badass agent Jane Dystel and my insanely cool new editor Sarah Cantin at Atria. Mad love to Aestas, Jenny & Gitte, Natasha, and every awesome romance book blogger who reviewed me. Big ups to the YA book bloggers, too: Emily May, Wendy Darling, Faye, Steph, Dahlia, and too many to list.

Most importantly, thank you to every single one of you who picked up Unteachable, read it, reviewed it, talked about it, and made this happen. Reading a self-pub book is still a dice toss, especially when the cover looks like someone puked up a string of partially-digested Christmas lights. (There’s that “lyrical prose” I’m known for.) You guys took a risk on me, and you made my dream of being traditionally published come true…long after I thought it was a lost cause. In return, I promise to fill pages and pages with the most poetic smut I’m capable of producing.

I love you guys.

And now, back to writing.

Unteachable 99c sale, iPad Mini giveaway, and a Taboo Prize Pack.

99 cents sale

Unteachable is on sale for 99c from November 4 — November 15. Go grab it while it’s cheap!


Taboo Prize Pack giveaway

In gratitude for the love you guys have shown me, I’m doing two massive giveaways. The first is a Taboo Prize Pack containing signed paperbacks of my favorite teacher/student romance novels. Unteachable is in there, too. ;)

This contest is open internationally.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

iPad Mini Giveaway at Aestas Book Blog

You like shinies, right? Well, I’m giving away a very shiny iPad Mini at Aestas Book Blog. Plus more signed Unteachable paperbacks, because apparently I just hand those out like Halloween candy. Go click and enter, and read Aestas’s excellent review.

This contest is also open internationally.

Thank you

Finally, a massive thank you to all the book bloggers, reviewers, readers, and fellow authors out there who’ve read and talked about Unteachable. Thank you for the thousands of reviews, hilarious GIFs, shares, tweets, likes, and passion you’ve poured into responding to my book. You made this unknown author’s dream come true. This has been one crazy fucking rollercoaster ride, and I wouldn’t trade it—or all of you—for the world.

With all my ♥,