New Unteachable cover reveal + poster giveaway!

I don’t even know how I was able to keep this gorgeousness under wraps for the past few weeks, but here it is: the new cover for the Atria edition of Unteachable. Before I show you—oh, screw it, I can’t contain myself any longer.

Unteachable - Atria ebook

How fucking beautiful is that? Designer Lucy Kim knocked it way the hell out of the park. It captures the spirit of my original cover perfectly, but with less “WTF is that? …is that a face?” Maise looks so bold and vulnerable at the same time and I just want to freaking hug her. And Lucy. And my editor Sarah, my agent Jane, and every single one of you who’s made this dream come true for me.

I love you guys.

I’ll be updating this post later with more details, new buy links, and a giveaway of a giant signed poster of this incredible new cover, but I had to share this with you first.

Hope you love it to pieces the way I do.

Updated buy links

Signed poster giveaway

These beautiful matte 20″x30″ poster prints of the new cover just came in…and I’m going to give one away. No restrictions. Open internationally. I’ll sign the poster if you’d like, but if you’d prefer it unsigned, that’s fine, too.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I’m beyond happy right now, I can’t even…words. Words are hard. As a bonus treat, and really the only way I can express myself at the moment, here’s the playlist I listened to obsessively while writing Unteachable.

See ya, Rainbowface. I’ll miss you.

60 Responses to New Unteachable cover reveal + poster giveaway!

  1. love the original cover but this looks great! i kinda thought maise wasn’t the type to wear a lot of makeup though:P

  2. *sniffle* I’ll miss Rainbowface! And thank you for the playlist, I was thinking the other day about looking up all those songs but time slips away!!!!
    Question: If we already own the Kindle copy, will it auto-update to the new cover? I won’t have a nervous breakdown if Rainbowface disappears, never fear, I’m just curious.
    Congrats again!!!!

    • Kate, as far as I know the new one won’t replace the original. They’re two separate books in Amazon’s database. (I own both copies on my Kindle too, and they’re separate with their own covers.) So you should be fine!

  3. I loved the original cover, but this one’s so beautiful! I adore the cover model and colour scheme so much! And the carnival lights reflections are A+!

  4. I have a copy of the paperback with the old cover on it. Gotta say, I love the new cover! :) Cool poster, too!

  5. STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It grabs my attention so much and can’t resist but to be curious about the book. ;)

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