Unteachable paperback is live! Also, interviews.

So, I kicked my lazy ass into gear and got the Unteachable paperback ready, and…hot damn, it turned out way better than I’d hoped. Check it out:

Order the Unteachable paperback here.

I’ll also be doing some signed copy giveaways. In the meanwhile, if you’ve previously contacted me about a signed copy, feel free to send a followup and we’ll work out shipping and stuff. ♥

New interviews

The absurdly hilarious Dahlia Adler has a brand spanking new interview with me up today. Want to know some embarrassing behind-the-scenes secrets? What song is playing in the final scene? How much booze do I really drink? Check it out.

And Jessica Cage has a brief interview with me…where I also talk about alcohol. Okay, so maybe I have a problem.

Speaking of which, I recently discovered honey whiskey. My life is pretty much over. Blame my enabler, Lindsay Smith, who either pushed me off the wagon or pulled me onto it, whichever one means “recklessly encouraged substance abuse” (and whose historical YA debut, incidentally, is available on NetGalley).

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  1. Leah, I wish I’d met you sooner. I agree 100 percent about NA. It’s all superficial. As of now, it’s nothing more than a marketing gimmick, placing YA sounding protagonists in adult situations, without truly diving into the themes NA should tackle. That’s why I LOVE the raw honesty you bring with UNTEACHABLE.

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