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First up, the ridiculously awesome Natasha, who runs the equally awesome Natasha Is A Book Junkie blog, gave Unteachable six freaking stars. Excuse me while I mop myself up off the floor. Lady, you humble me. So very much <3.

Natasha is doing a giveaway of Unteachable this week. 3 copies up for grabs—click below to enter!

Unteachable Giveaway @ Natasha Is A Book Junkie

And the brilliant Emily May of The Book Geek also reviewed Unteachable as part of her NA Experiment…and loved it.

It’s pretty fucking surreal when reviewers you’ve secretly admired for a long time end up reading and loving your work. I’m over the fucking moon. Excuse my fucking language.

Blog tour starts today. Win an ebook & gift card!

The Unteachable Book Blog Tour starts today! Enter the giveaway at any blog stop below. Prizes are a copy of Unteachable and a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

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Two weeks later… (Also, blog tour coming up!)

Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card

Today marks two weeks from the early launch of Unteachable. The attention it’s getting is pretty mind-blowing to me, so let me take a moment to say: thank you to everyone who’s read, reviewed, and talked about my book. Seriously, thank you. It’s a pretty controversial novel, and I’m amazed that so many people are connecting with it. The kind words and thoughtful reviews are overwhelming.

I can’t begin to explain what kind of emotional rollercoaster (RELEVANT METAPHOR) these past two weeks have been, but this song from the book kinda sums it up. So much <3, everyone.

Unteachable is on Nook!

In case you missed it, Unteachable is now available on Barnes & Noble Nook.

Gift card & ebook giveaway

The Unteachable Book Blog Tour starts on Monday. Here’s the schedule. There’ll be an ebook giveaway and chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Have your clicking finger ready.

Unteachable: Top 25 New Adult, reviews, giveaway, and Nook news.

Wow. Unteachable has been chilling in the Kindle Top 25 New Adult for three days straight. Holy shit, guys. I could never have done this without all you awesome Goodreaders. Siobhan will be baking cookies for everyone.

Reviews & giveaway

Thank you to Totally Booked for their excellent review. Gitte and Jenny loved it. You ladies rock.

Cydney at Seeking Book Boyfriends posted a kickass review, too, and this one has a giveaway!

Also check out Aestas Book Blog’s awesome, thoughtful review.

Nook & Smashwords

I’m working to get Unteachable onto the Barnes & Noble Nook Store ASAP. Meanwhile, you can grab it from Smashwords.