I cracked the Kindle Top 100 in New Adult!

Heart bokeh

So, wow, you guys are all fucking amazing. Everyone gets a gold star. Unteachable has been hovering between the 1000-1500 ranks in the Kindle Paid Store, and it has repeatedly cracked the Top 100 in Romance > New Adult. And this after releasing early, without any major fanfare. I’m seriously humbled.

The comments I’ve been getting from readers are making me all gooey inside, too. I’ve had incredible conversations with people from all over the world who’ve read and loved my book. Here’s the thing: I love you guys, too. Thank you for reading. Thank you for getting it. And thank you for reaching out to me.

Also, hilarious:


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  1. This restores my faith in the general reading population, and/or humanity. <3333
    Now if you'll excuse me. Chocolate Covered Billionaire Seal time… <.< (that sounds like a candy bar or something. can I order these for my BFF's bachelorette party?)

  2. The book is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Will it be availabe in paperback? I’m so aiming for the signed one. It’s a must have on a bookshelf ;)

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